Eco Whisper Turbine


Generate energy – not noise.

Introducing the world’s first silent wind turbine.

The award winning Eco Whisper Turbine features a unique 30 blade design that is virtually silent, plus up to 30 percent more efficient than traditional three blade designs.

See the turbine in action –  Eco Whisper You Tube Channel

Two Models

  • The Eco Whisper Turbine 650 generates up to 20 kW for commercial/industrial applications
  • The Eco Whisper Turbine 325 generates up to 5 kW for smaller or residential power needs (currently in development)

Smaller Footprint

  • The Eco Whisper Turbine 650 stands 21.1 m high. It can achieve high energy outputs in low or high winds with a footprint of only 21 m2. In comparison, solar requires 250 m2.
  • The Eco Whisper Turbine 325 stands 19.6 m high. It can achieve high energy outputs in low or high winds with a footprint of only 19.6 m2. In comparison, solar requires 50 m2.

Award Winning

Australian Cleantech awards finalist

Winner – Innovation in Technology Category, Queensland Premier’s Sustainability Award.


The Eco Whisper Turbine is designed to offset small to large energy requirements. It is suited to:

  • Commercial, Manufacturing and Industrial Sites
    Airports, ports, mining resource facilities, council sites and industrial development sites
  • Urban Development Sites
    Shopping centres, industrial parks, schools, universities and more.
  • Agricultural/Rural Sites
    On and off grid application with a particular focus on remote communities and diesel replacement.
  • Domestic Sites
    Small properties, residential homes, council sites and some smaller commercial facilities.

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